Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cooper 11-Days-New {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Newborn Photographer

Oooooh how sweet is Mr. Cooper at 11-days-new! Oh my goodness, he was the sweetest little sleeper
for me. He arrived sleeping, slept long enough for us to get some amazing shots and then he started to
give us a run for our money ;) We did all the photos with Mom and Dad while he was awake if you
can't tell by that one peeking little eyeball in some of their photos haha. What a cutie!

I had so much fun working with some of the blankets and props that Mom and Dad brought from
home. Dad's a big hunter and wanted to include that in some of Baby Cooper's shots. I love the way
they turned out. Such macho manly props for such a little man, but such a cool thing to include to
make the shoot their own. There's something funny about posing a sweet sleeping newborn beside a
shotgun and shells. Thank you guys so much for bringing your little sweetheart to spend some of his
sweet first moments of life with me. I absolutely loved capturing his little personality and I can't wait
for you to see the rest of the photos!

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