Saturday, May 31, 2014

Matthew & Katie Homecoming - U. S. Navy {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Virginia Beach

Even though the lighting inside the Navy Terminal was less than fantastic, I captured some of the
most precious moments last week at this homecoming shoot! Matthew is a part of the same squadron
that my husband is in, so I was extremely excited to photograph this particular homecoming. On top
of that, Matthew hadn't seen Katie's baby bump for the entire three months that he has been gone.
Capturing these sweet faces and sweet kisses is why I love my job! Welcome home, Matthew! That
means my man is right behind you soon :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lauren & Victoria Mommy & Me {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Virginia Beach Family

 I was SO happy to have Lauren and Victoria stop by for a Mommy & Me mini-session. I have photographed this lovely pair before and they are just as photogenic as ever =) These two are always so cuddly and allow for the cutest moments to be captured. I just love photographing them! I can't wait to hear what dad, who is deployed, has to say about his gorgeous girls!

Lyssa & Zion Mommy & Me {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Virginia Beach Photographer

 I'm so excited to share Lyssa & Zion's "Mommy & Me" shoot. These two have such a special bond!
Lyssa told me that Zion's "Papa" is deployed and they wanted to take some fun photos to send to
him! I think these are the perfect mix of candids, cute smiles and cuddles. These two put the biggest
smile on my face right when they walked in the front door. Little Zion brought a curly head of hair
and SO much great energy to his shoot. I hope you guys love your photos!

Christine's Mommy & Me Shoot {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Virginia Beach Family Photographer

 This beautiful Momma came all the way up my four flights of stairs with these four little ones. Now
if that's not super mom, then I don't know what is! I was so happy to see all these little smiling faces
and how much fun they all had together! Thanks for toughing it out and bringing your kiddos to hang
out, Christine! I had a blast with you guys.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alexis & Sean Maternity Photography {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Virginia Beach Photographer

EEE! I am so excited to share these photos with you guys! I have been working non-stop on them
since Sunday because I just KNEW how fabulous they were going to turn out! Alexis and I have been
talking about ideas, what to where, where the shoot should take place, pretty much everything that
made this shoot fabulous for a couple months now. All the planning certainly paid off! I had so much
fun shooting at the Cape Henry Lighthouse with them, though the sun was certainly not cooperating
with us at first. Seems like he wanted to hang out in the sky a little longer than usual! But, we took
advantage of the beautiful sun rays and created some incredibly soft and romantic, special images. I
absolutely cannot wait to meet baby Weston in a few weeks! Stay tuned for photos of this
precious little guy.

 I think this photo is absolutely STUNNING!!!

I thought this was such a sweet idea for some photos. Reading to their little man =)