Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rachel & Kyle - Maternity Photography

Jennifer & Kyle - Engagement & Family Shoot

Dollie & Mike - Wedding Photos

Erika & Her Little Man - Family Shoot

Sarah - Senior Pictures

Kerianne & Justin - Engagement

These Texas natives had so much fun with their engagement shoot! I am actually shooting their wedding on the Air Force Base this weekend. The chapel is so gorgeous, and so is the couple, so get ready for some gorgeous photos!

Alicia & Geoff - Couple Shoot

Ashley's Big Day - Getting Ready

This is what you get when one of your best friends is a photographer. I loved getting to hang out with the bride for a couple extra hours before the festivities of the day began.

 And the always flattering shot of the other friend watching the bride get her make-up done. haha Love ya Lindsay!

Kathryn & Geron Married!

Kathryn is such a creative mind and did a lot of the decorations on her own for her and Geron's big day! The decorations were so beautiful and vintage and personal. Congrats Geron & Kathryn!