Saturday, June 7, 2014

Amber & Travis Family {Kait Marie Photography} Norfolk Virginia

I know, I know, I went WAY overboard on the amount of photos I'm blogging right now, but who
could possibly blame me! I could have photographed this precious family and those two wild little
ones for hours. Little Chloe and Colden gave me a run for my money when it came to working for
that perfect shot. And by "perfect shot" all I mean is to have both of them in the same frame and
looking at the camera haha This was hard work in itself, let alone getting them both to smile, but we
did it! Some of the fun, cheesy smiles and silly faces made themselves onto this blog post, but there
are so many more beautiful shots that I left as a surprise for Amber and Travis when their disc arrives.

I felt so honored to be chosen as this particular family's photographer because Amber is a local
professional photographer herself. You know you've done something right when another
photographer has confidence in you to capture precious moments between her and her family! As you
can tell, Amber didn't need any help picking out the perfect outfits for her session. Everyone was
dressed to the nines, including the string of huge pearls around Miss Chloe's neck and the cutest little
khaki shorts Colden was wearing. Throw in a maxi dress and four sets of bare feet and you've got
yourself a perfectly styled shoot. Absolute perfection.

Even though our "sunset" shoot ended up turning into a cloudy evening, the love and excitement
between this family was hard to miss. So many sweet snuggles and kisses were shared between Miss
Chloe and both of her parents. Colden, on the other hand, was into the sand between his toes, the
seaweed that had been washed up and running laps around us all. Little man took a few spills in the
sand, but popped right back up for his photo op! I hope you can feel the energy and love in these
photos and that you love them as much as I do. Thanks for bringing your family to spend the evening
with me Amber & Travis.

I just HAD to include all these little expressions from Chloe! What a character!

I also snapped some pics of Amber with her camera for her website and Facebook!

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