Friday, December 13, 2013

Tony & Bella - Family Photography

Thursday morning, Bella told me that she was thinking about changing the location of their shoot since it was so cold and windy outside. I am SO glad we finally landed on keeping the shoot at Cape Henry Lighthouse. The sun was shining and the lighthouse made the absolute perfect backdrop for this gorgeous family. And I got a little bonus, Bella wanted some maternity photos too!! I LOVE when I get a little surprise like that and get to unexpectedly stretch my creativity. 

You can see in all of these photos how much love Bella & Tony have for each other and for their precious daughter, Adilea.  I absolutely cannot wait to meet their new little guy in February! Thanks for toughing it out in the cold guys. I think the photos are more than worth the partial frost bite! =)
 Bella! This is gorgeous!
I'm so glad we were able to warm Adilea up enough to get some smiles out of her! =)

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