Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with the Entsmingers

 Our first Christmas together - from cutting down our tree to decorating our house! We had so much fun together. I love this man! It's amazing how much we take for granted both during the holiday season and throughout the year. Justin will be deploying soon and having him here for the holidays was so special to me. Some aren't able to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Something so simple - just being with the ones we love - that is taken for granted so often. We are stretching every single moment to its fullest including Christmas!!

We went to get our tree from the same farm that I did my Christmas mini-sessions at about a month earlier. Mr. Bright at Bright Tree Farms is such a nice old man - the kind of old man you picture when you picture a farmer =) What an experience! I hope you can see even a fraction of how much we love each other in these photos. I absolutely love them!

Oh, and I look like a pure natural with that saw right?? haha

 IN LOVE with these few photos!

 Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you have a wonderful New Year and enjoy time with friends and family!

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