Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mason & Madison - Twins 7-Month - Norfolk Virginia Beach Child Photographer

These little 7-month old twins are the most expressive, excited and fun twins I have ever photographed! The expressions and faces that I caught are the cutest thing! I have included a couple of funny expressions from both Mason and Madison and of course so many beautiful photos of this dynamic duo! A huge thank to their momma for toughing it out and dancing and clapping and doing whatever she had to do to make her little ones crack up to create some beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me Pia, Mason & Madison. I can't wait to see you soon for 1-year photos!! <3 br="">

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 Miss Madison did NOT want to sit up. She just wanted to lounge around in the grass on a beautiful day. I can't say I blame her =)

 This time we just decided not to fight it and let her relax. What a cutie!
 Hand kisses from brother to sister <3 br="">

 Haha! This expression!!

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